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Over our 37 year marriage, we have lived in the UK, Singapore, New Hampshire and Florida. We have traveled to many more countries during this time, due to career moves, vacations and just for the sheer adventure of seeing somewhere new. Now, in our retirement years, and with itchy feet, we have decided to immerse ourselves a little deeper into a country's culture and spend some time to live like a local by House Sitting or Vacationing our way around the world. As we Love to cook and Eat we try to share those experiences here also.

BIO & Reviews 

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Ackleton, UK - Dec-Jan 2017 
Some of the Food we Cook 
Gers, France - May-Sep 2019
San Diego, CA - Jan 2020 
Nanyuki, Kenya - Dec-Jan 2020/21 
San Diego, CA - Oct 2018 
US Road Trip - Jul-Aug 2020 
Kings Cliffe, UK - Nov 2020
Panama - Jun-Jul 2021 
Mtwapa, Kenya - Mar-Apr 2021 
Sequim, WA - Feb-May 2022 
Matera, Italy - Jun-Sept 2022 

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