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Our Accommodation

Our accommodations were a converted barn (1850) attached to the farmhouse which was an old malt-house (1770). There was a large kitchen, with a sitting and dining area downstairs and a large bedroom, sitting area and bathroom upstairs, all very warm, clean and comfortable. The views from the large French windows upstairs were amazing. Cows in the field, beautiful rolling hills and wooded countryside and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets could be viewed every morning and evening.

The kitchen was adequate, being an AirBnB during the summer months, but was without a dishwasher. Not a hardship for us, but we had forgotten how small the fridges are in England compared to those in the USA, so it was usually packed to the brim. The house was warm, the bed comfortable and the bathroom huge! The skylights in the bedroom allowed us to view the night sky and stunning sunrises and sunsets while laying in bed under the thick warm duvet.

We had a TV in the downstairs sitting area and also in the upstairs area, which was cozy and ideal for settling down with a hot toddy, or some wine to watch a movie.

There were several barns outside that held a few vehicles and some farm and garden equipment, and another building, which used to be the village store, held an office where the owner worked, and where the cat hunkered down for the night. Jilly also went there when the weather was too cold for her to be in her shed in the paddock close by. Jack stayed in the main house and we made him comfortable every night.

The horse barns were about a quarter mile down the street so a brisk walk morning and night kept us fit.

In all, very comfortable!

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