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Our Eating Places

Whoever said that English food was bland? We had some fantastic food during our stay. Mostly eaten in pubs, the food was locally grown, fresh and tasty and well served. From game pies to fresh cod, locally raised lamb and gorgeous tasting vegetables, I don't think we ate the same thing twice during our stay. I loved the gin and beer houses - Moonshine and Fuggles being a great little store in Ironbridge - so many gins to choose from!


We ate regularly at the local pub, The Red Cow, and always sought out unique pubs when we visited the towns and cities. Some of our favorites were, the Woolpack at Bewdley with their famous Dan Pies, the Black Boy in Bridgnorth - licensed since 1790 and the Old Castle in Bridgnorth - great food here.


Of course, we cooked often, made a variety of soups with the locally grown vegetables, prepared hot lamb curries to keep us warm when the weather was especially cold and enjoyed some good English staples such as mashed potatoes and pot pies.


Luckily, we were able to keep the pounds from accumulating around our waists, with lots of walking, shoveling snow and mucking out stables!

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