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Our Walks

Wherever we go, we love to walk. It's the best way to see a town, city or countryside and a great opportunity to meet the locals.

On arrival we contacted the local walking club - Worfield Walkers - and asked if we could join them on one of their walks. We thought it would be a good opportunity to meet the local people and also get to know the countryside. They were very accommodating and gave us directions where to meet, but we could not join them for lunch as it was their Christmas lunch and everything had already been arranged. We assured them we did not need Christmas lunch and enjoyed a 2 hour walk with them through the Dartmouth Estate.


We learned about some of the history of the area and enjoyed the clambering over stiles and bridges as well as enjoying the views. We saw caves, wells, underground rivers, old walls and roads. One of the gentlemen on the walk had lived in the village all his life, now in his 80s and his father and grandfather had also lived their lives in the village, so he knew everything about the area.

During our 4 weeks, we walked several different routes, encountering bridges, streams, hills, sheep, cows, horses, always pheasants and one time even walked into the middle of a shoot - we had to duck pretty quickly! There was mud, ice, and snow to contend with along with numerous stiles to clamber over.

From Badger's Dingle to Newton's wood, each walk was unique and we loved them all.

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