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This amazing park is spread over 527 miles, is split into four areas and impossible to see all in one visit. Our one day took us to one of the sections called Island in the Sky; and it truly was. We looked out over a wide expanse over 100 miles wide. Deep canyons cracked the earth below, the bottoms of which could only be imagined. The Green and Colorado Rivers run through Canyonlands and we have vowed to go back and take a river tour along with a 4-wheel drive around the 100 mile rim. You can see the Rim Road in the Picture Below.

Large monumental rocks loomed in the distance, each with their distinct names, The Whale, Upheaval Dome and Mesa Arch. We found a flat rocky area and Marcel, always the daredevil, stood right at the edge, a sheer drop to more rocks hundreds of feet below. I couldn’t watch and had to turn away.

Quite a few of these canyons were made by mining uranium in past years and we could see areas where the mining had dug deep channels into the sides of the canyons. Thank goodness this has now stopped.

It is almost impossible to describe this vast, mesmerizing landscape. It wasn’t particularly pretty, and it was quite harsh and stark. It wasn’t the type of landscape that welcomed you, but showed you it’s rough, rugged personality and dared you to enter and seek out its inner secrets. To get closer we would need to ride the Rivers, explore the Needles and enter the Maze! All things we would have to do on another trip, just to this one park.

It is on the list!

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