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Reviews from some of our Personal Chef Events

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Réjane - 10 Points

Nous étions leurs invités au Jour de l'An de cette année .La qualité des mets préparés était excellente. L'accord des saveur était parfait.

Réjane Patrick Julie et Danny


Joyce A. - 10 Points

4 of my friends and I had the pleasure of a wonderful meal prepared by Marcel and Aleta on May 20,2017. It was delightful from beginning to end.  We had two lovely olive mixtures with citrus notes one orange and one lemon. Homemade Foccacia bread that was so good. Our main course was a seafood crepes with lemon sauce that we enjoyed immensely. There was a mixed green salad with homemade vinaigrette. The dessert was a wonderful Key Lime pie. We would highly recommend Chef Marcel for any occasion , his use of fresh local ingredients and wonderful menu selections   that would please any palate!! TRIPLE YUM and 5 thumbs up.


Karen & Bill - 10 Points

We have had the pleasure of experiencing Marcel and Aleta's cuisine many times and can attest to the quality of the food and the love, care and attention to detail of its presentation. They meld their worldwide life experiences into a wealth of  cuisine magic starting with homemade breads and dips, to pickled beets, onions, carrots or anything else that is fresh. Their

lamb and beef dishes are superb, as well as, unique and different ways of preparing local fresh caught seafood delicacies (i.e. scallops on a bed of "mushy peas" is one of our favorites).  If you are looking for a lighter fare, the charcuterie platter

with smoked fish, various salami and cheeses couldn't be better.  And, don't forget dessert.....both chefs have a love of real chocolate in many of their selected offerings.  The experience these two chefs provide is quite sit back and enjoy the professionals at work. They love what they do which is always a sign of a great chef!!!



Julie K - 10 Points

What a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion. Marcel and Aleta prepared a delicious meal from appetizers to desserts. Marcel and Aleta make a great team and certainly add to the dining experience. Highly recommend.


Lorayne - 10 Points

We hosted a dinner party for ten people with Marcel being our chef. From the appetizers to desert the meal was wonderful, everything fresh and homemade, Beef Bourguignon that was excellent, the freshest of vegetables, homemade breads, just to name part of the meal. He worked in my kitchen and was clean and efficient Leaving it spotless. A wonderful time was had by all we are looking forward to doing it again.



Charlie's W - 10 Points

My wife had a special birthday with 10 of her best friends. Marcel made it even more special with his delicious food.

Everything was presented to Look delicious and it was. I would highly recommend him to be a personal chef.



Sharyn W - 10 Points

We had an excellent dinner prepared for 10 of us by Marcel.  Everything from the stuffed mushrooms, olives, salad to the

main courses was absolutely delicious. Homemade bread and desserts topped everything off.  My husband and I enjoyed the entire experience. Highly recommended this dining experience to everyone.



Paul & Nan - 10 Points

Marcel and his wife, Aleta prepared a celebratory dinner for ten of us.  It was a lovely evening. From the moment we walked into our hosts' house until dessert was served, we were presented with delectable delights. Appetizers consisted of homemade ciabatta with dipping oil, an array of olives in orange zest & lemon zest infused with spices and stuffed

mushrooms that melted in our mouths. These were followed up with a savory spinach salad with homemade bread. The

main course was restricted due to dietary restrictions, but everything was so very tasty: The beef Bourguignon was

to die for!!!  There was chicken in a white wine cream sauce with mushrooms, potatoes au gratin, French green beans, and roasted veggies with balsamic vinaigrette.  Everything was succulent. With no room for dessert, we enjoyed cream filled pastries and Aleta's French apple tart. The meal could not have been better. Thank you Marcel and Aleta for a wonderful dining experience.



Karen G - 10 Points

Chef Marcel prepared a wonderful meal for 10 of us on Tuesday evening. Everything from the appetizers to the salad to the entrees to the dessert were delicious creations. In addition to that, his homemade bread was outstanding!  I would highly recommend Chef Marcel to anyone looking for a personal chef.


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