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Estes - Rocky Mountains

We left Moab as early as we could because over the last few days the route we were taking to Estes in Colorado had been closed to forest fires and it meant that our 6 hour journey would be extended to 8 hours due to the detour. But as luck had it, just this morning the road had re-opened so we made haste, just in case it had to be closed again.

Heading north east we followed the Colorado River, watching it wind under the road and back again, often spotting rapids, kayakers and plenty of fishermen. As we approached the fires, the highway was closed on one side, for all the firefighters and their rigs and gear to be parked close by. In the Glenwood Canyon we passed a sign to a place called ‘No Name’ which I suppose is a name but gave us a giggle. Apparently, it is as a result of the people in the small hamlet having to complete a questionnaire, and in the ‘city’ field the majority of them wrote ‘no name’. It stuck and the state named it officially. I wonder if they have horses???

We drove through beautiful Glen Canyon, Vail and Breckenridge and stopped at a lovey spot by Dillon Reservoir for lunch and then headed North on the Central City Parkway. We travelled through Central City which was an old mining town, full of casinos and about the nearest thing to a cowboy town that we had ever seen. We continued north through the Rocky Mountain National Park and arrived in the lovely town of Estes.

We were staying in a small hotel, which was old, large, but comfortable. We were able to take advantage of the laundry, ensuring that we had clean undies for the rest of the trip home, and we were hurled back into our early adult years of living in London, visiting the coin laundry on a weekly basis and enjoying a bag of ‘chips’ while we watched the washing twirl and swirl. Marcel really knew how to show a girl a good time!

We walked to the nearby lake and watched the wildlife and found a nice Vietnamese restaurant for take-out. We spent the next day hiking in the National Park. It as a gloomy day and we had spots of rain occasionally. The paths were well maintained, and it wasn’t as rugged as we would have liked, but the scenery and waterfalls were beautiful. Once again, we have vowed to return. There is so much to explore, and we will come back with the grandkids to enjoy all this park has to offer.

The next day we walked into the town center. Estes is a lovely place. The river runs through the town and we were greeted by a group of Caribou leisurely eating the town grass and flowerbeds. They were friendly enough, although I would not want to be on the wrong side of the one with the large antlers! A nice cup of coffee sitting by the stream was a lovely start to the day. It was cooler than California and Utah and we welcomed the fresh air! We spent the morning shopping and enjoying the town, although it was a little quiet due to COVID. We spoke to several shop keepers who were missing the foreign visitors. Restaurants were at limited service and so we had take-out again in the evening.

We left the next day, for our 5 day journey across the States, once again planning to return for a longer period to explore this wonderful landscape!

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