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July - August - 2020

US Road Trip - 5 National Parks

2020 was booked to the hilt with a month long trip exploring Panama, a three month house sit in southern Italy, managing a large vacation villa, and a once in a lifetime experience helping to manage a safari lodge in Kenya for 6 months. Alas COVID 19 sabotaged many of our plans; Panama postponed  until borders could be opened, Italy slotted for 2021, but Kenya still on the books for December 2020! All was not lost.

Although we hunkered down, social distanced and donned our masks at every outing, we refused to be beaten down into despair and one of the best things to happen to us in this awful, dismal time of COVID, was the homeschooling of our 6-year-old granddaughter. It was both enjoyable and exhausting, enlightening and entertaining and the only downside was that she was missing her friends. But Papa entertained with much teasing and not so funny jokes! After school ended, we continued to take care of her and her younger 2-year-old sister for several weeks until our feet were so itchy, we were grumpy Nana and Papa.

So, with other arrangements made, we packed the car with food, water, hand-sanitizer, Clorox wipes, a selection of masks for every occasion and hopped onto the highway, eager for a change of scenery. The plan, if there was one, was to scoot over to California, visit with our daughter there for as long as she could stand us, then travel back to Florida, via whatever we decided looked interesting. End date unknown.

Here are some amazing pictures and a few choice words about that adventure.

We hope you enjoy reading along………………

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Estes - Rocky Mountains




Capitol Reef



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