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January 2020

San Diego - California

Here we are again in beautiful San Diego. The draw to this city is not just that our daughter lives here but we love the climate with sunny days, deep turquoise skies, fresh breezes and cool mornings and evenings when we take our walks. We are close to the ocean for our weekly dose of beach and oceanfront; near mountains and large hills for wonderful invigorating hikes; not far from deserts if we want to escape the noise of the city, and there are many national parks close by to explore. We love the city though. The numerous neighborhoods with their eclectic restaurants, parks, and farmers markets. We love the downtown area with all the hustle and bustle of city life and as we walk the city streets, we hear many foreign languages due to all the overseas visitors that come for conferences and vacations.

We are here for three weeks and will be taking care of Bonita the cat and a beautiful house and garden just a few minutes’ drive from downtown San Diego, and all that the city has to offer. We plan to hike some areas we have not explored, as well as spend some quality time with our daughter.

I hope you enjoy our adventures!


Our Assignment


The Desert


7 Bridges


5 Peaks

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