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A to Z of House-sitting - SitEatPlay

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

A guide to getting started on the house-sitting circuit

Explore new and exotic destinations, meet new and interesting people, experience a different culture and learn another language, taste authentic dishes and learn new skills – all for a commitment of time, using your skills, and minimal outlay of your own money. If you like taking care of animals, but don’t want to own one, if you like DIY but have run out of projects, if you love to garden but don’t want the 24/7/365 commitment, then house-sitting could be for you! Below is a short concise guide on the basic requirements and considerations needed to be a successful house-sitter. This guide comes from our own experiences of our house-sits around the world, all of which have, so far, been amazingly enlightening and full of adventure.

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