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October 2018

San Diego - California

So how could we not accept this house sit in gorgeous San Diego? With its perfect climate, great scenery and eclectic, diverse and quirky neighborhoods we jumped at the chance to take care of this lovely home and Duke the golden lab and Fig the regal cat. 

The house is very spacious, clean and the yard is enormous. The back patio is where we spend most of our time, enjoying the sun, blue skies and warm constant breeze.

The house is situated in the trendy Talmadge area of San Diego filled with many small homes which have been renovated and lovingly cared for by their owners. Our walks each morning bring delightful surprises of homes we missed the day before, with unique doors, roofs and gardens that have hidden gems  among the succulents and cacti. Each house is one of a kind, much like the owners I suspect!

We have visited San Diego on numerous occasions and love all the different neighborhoods, the great restaurants, the waterfront and all the usual attractions, along with some great hikes. All of which we hope to share with you on the following pages. 




Places we visited




our walks


San Diego Dog Beach

Home Owner Review

Amazing fantastic house/pet sitters

Aleta and Marcel were fantastic house/pet sitters. Both of our animals have medical and behavioral issues and they cared for them like they were their own, they even helped to improve our dogs eating habits and confidence issues. They kept us up to date on how the animals were doing during our trip, although I never worried about them as I knew they were in good hands. When we returned home the house was immaculate, all of the bedding and towels freshly washed and a few things that needed fixing were fixed! we couldn't be happier with the care and attention both our pets and home received from Aleta and Marcel. I hope they will come back in the future. 

Katie & Mike - San Diego, USA

15 Oct 2018 - 30 Oct 2018

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