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The Pets

We were charged with taking care of two lovely pets - Duke the Golden Lab and Fig the regal cat. Figs full name is TuxedoFiggles but he's affectionately known as Fig, or Meatie (he has gained weight apparently). I guess it really doesn't matter what he is named, he's a cat and will answer to no-one!

Duke is only 2 years old, and a rescue dog. He is playful, but cautious, likely due to the treatment of his past owners. He is a lovely dog, very well behaved and, when excited, his whole body wriggles so hard he can hardly stand. During our stay he loved his walk every morning and evening and knew the neighborhood well - it was quite obvious he was taking US for a walk. He loved playing 'fetch' and learned to drop the ball after a few days. He loved being outside and was a really good guard dog. He particularly enjoyed the hose pipe and leaf blower, which became his 'spa', a shower and blow dry! He and Fig got along well often playing chase around the house. They would have a few quiet moments together, just checking in on each other to see if they were okay with the 'new' people.

Fig was independent and did his own thing. He loved to sit at the window, pulling down the plantation shutter so he could see what was going on in the 'hood'. He loved when we opened the windows and was able to sit on the sill inside the screens. He would sit on our laps in the evenings, clawing on us for comfort. He certainly let us know when his food dish was empty!

We enjoyed our time with these guys - they were easy to care for and great characters.

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