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The Neighborhood

Each morning and evening we took Duke for a walk. More to the point, he took us! He knew the neighborhood well and many of the local people knew him.

Every time we walked we would come across something new, whether it was a new plant, another piece of artwork on the curb, another interesting door or a friendly neighbor. We enjoyed everyone's yard and on the weekend, it was lovely to hear people in their homes, laughing and chatting with friends, enjoying their yards.


The wrought iron gates and street lamps have all been restored. There is some good history of the neighborhood which was founded by the famous Talmadge sisters of the Roaring '20s, who were famous for their roles in silent films of that era. They apparently bought homes in this district as a 'get away' from the hubbub of Hollywood. 

We loved the art on the curbside - a local artist offers to paint a picture and the house number on the curb outside your house, and some of them were really good. Even electrical boxes had been made into works of art.

I loved the variety of doors. Every single one was unique and I couldn't help wondering how different everyone who lived behind them would be. From contemporary to Asian to traditional. Each home was very unique and reflected the owners personality - no cookie cutter homes or yards here! Each yard had cacti and succulents and some quirky aspect to it, whether it was a brightly painted seat, a water feature, bird feeder or fake grass. We never tired of our neighborhood walks.

We visited the Romeo and Juliet wine cafe which was within walking distance from the house. This was a lovely treat, a great menu and very nice owners. Highly recommended.

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