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We are both British and US Citizens who have lived in the USA for 24 years. We were raised in Northamptonshire in the UK and in 1993 we left the country due to an employment opportunity in Singapore, staying there for 6 years. In 1999 we moved to New Hampshire (USA), living there for 4 years, then onto Florida where we lived for 19+ years and are currently situated in the North Georgia Mountains.

We are a retired couple (now 61 and 64). Marcel was a Vice President for a Computer company for over 37 years. I had a very prosperous vacation rental property business and was also successful in the Real Estate business. 

We love to travel and during our time in Singapore, we traveled with our two young daughters throughout Asia and Australasia.  Marcel has traveled to many, many countries on business and we have a great deal of knowledge and understanding of many different countries and cultures and enjoy all their diversity and uniqueness. We learned to sail a few years ago and have sailed a 38-foot yacht in Greece, the British Virgin Islands and Florida - always looking for an adventure.

We are very meticulous when it comes to maintaining our own property and when we owned our beach rental property, we managed our own cleaning, bookings, provided all guest services and conducted all  our own home maintenance. We are very neat and detail-oriented people and can adapt to almost any situation; many years of traveling the world have helped us with adapting to situations as they occur, and we have an adventurous and positive outlook. We enjoy challenges and have a ‘can do’ attitude, with no drama, just solutions. We are both excellent cooks, and we have a small Private Chef business, providing dinners for small to medium groups when at home. We bake bread, make everything from scratch, and only eat healthy, unprocessed food. We love experimenting with different local produce.

Marcel is good at Handyman type work, he has built kitchens, bathrooms, installed tile backsplashes, tiled bathroom walls and bathroom floors, laid many types of flooring, including solid wood, bamboo, laminate and can tackle basic plumbing, electrical work and most other handyman (honey-do-list) type jobs that may come along.

We maintained our own 2-acre garden in the USA when we lived in New Hampshire and when we moved to Florida maintained a fairly sizeable garden all year-round in 90-degree temperatures, along with taking care of our own Pool and Spa. Neither of us are afraid of hard work and getting our hands dirty.

With regard to pets, we have had pets in the past, especially when our children were at home. Dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and at one time a snake! One of our daughters was a keen horse rider so we are familiar with horses, having cared for 5 on one of our house-sits, although we have never owned our own.

We regard ourselves as being healthy and fit (as do our doctors). Marcel road bikes 80-100 miles per week and I practice yoga attending an exercise class 3 days per week. We walk anything from 4-12 miles a day if we are traveling and sightseeing or just want to get out for some fresh air. We enjoy, hiking, cycling, swimming and kayaking, as well as the more sedate activities of reading, writing and cooking. We have no major ailments and endeavor to be as active as possible, always looking for a new experience.

We learn very quickly and we are both willing to put in whatever effort is required to make the challenges we accept a success.

We are happy to provide more details should you require, and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out to us via Skype, Phone, WhatsApp, Email, LinkedIn, etc. or use the form at the bottom of this page.

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